Pick Six – Week 1

Each week we will grab the six noteworthy/newsworthy/interesting things that occurred across the NFL and take a deepish dive in to see what really happened and what that means moving forward… week 1, let’s go! ACTION JACKSON 2.0I expected a slight regression from Lamar Jackson this season. Technically, that’s a weak call because Jackson will … More Pick Six – Week 1

Football and Football – The Difference between AFL and NFL

Soccer, gridiron, Aussie Rules, rugby league, rugby union – all known as football. In my life – two are dominant, one as a livelihood and one as a hobby (obsession, even). Aussie Rules is my profession and I take it very seriously – treating it as anything other is flirting with your future. American Football … More Football and Football – The Difference between AFL and NFL

Home of the Trojans

You’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Words never uttered by us, despite being lucky enough to gain access into various NFL, NCAA Football and NBA programs. Whilst the goal is the same, the way each organisation presented itself was vastly different – but all extremely impressive. The last stop on our amazing two-week journey … More Home of the Trojans

Football Feast Begins

With almost 20 hours of flying in the books and some remarkable twists and turns to escape the long lines at LAX airport, we touched down in Seattle, Washington with ninety minutes to spare before kickoff. Kickoff; America’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys in town to face the reigning world champion Seahawks and the fanatical, beyond … More Football Feast Begins